May 24, 2022

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Baby Wanted

Karl Barth’s wisdom for fathers (and moms, and all kids of God)

When my kids have been little, not a thirty day period went by when my wife and I didn’t get the letter from our kids’ college: “Your baby has been uncovered to head lice.” A few blocks from our residence, there is an upscale salon devoted to practically nothing but nit-picking. When our kids caught lice they were unfazed. I was not. I’d internalized the stigma from my childhood. We waited right up until right after darkish, then rushed down the road and by the nitpicker’s door. Flustered, I produced a unfortunate joke. Gesturing to my bald head, I told the receptionist, “I hope I do not have them also.”

He replied, “Don’t stress. Dads by no means get lice. Mothers do.” He pointed towards a couple ladies, sitting down patiently as the nitpickers did their do the job.

I didn’t realize. “Why not dads?”

He said, “Moms get down on the ground to enjoy, or the little ones get in their laps to cuddle. Their heads contact. The lice climb in.”

Parenting is stress filled. We want to make our kids happy and preserve them safe, so we assume a set of unattainable obligations. Even the finest mom and dad stumble below the load. Because we appreciate our young children, we simply cannot take futility and we burn with resentment in its place.