June 28, 2022

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Nullifying the Word of God



Jesus was rather stern in his treatment of the pharisees. In distinction to his typical gentleness, he rebuked them in the toughest, most offensive terms, on additional than one celebration. Matt 15, 7-9:


“You hypocrites! Isaiah was correct when he prophesied about you:

‘“These folks honour me with their lips,

    but their hearts are far from me.

They worship me in vain

    their teachings are just human policies.”


Matt 23, 15-33:


“Woe to you, lecturers of the legislation and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel in excess of land and sea to gain a one change, and when you have succeeded, you make them two times as a great deal a child of hell as you are…Woe to you, blind guides…you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices – mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the a lot more critical issues of the law – justice, mercy and faithfulness…You pressure out a gnat but swallow a camel…You clean the outdoors of the cup and dish, but inside of they are comprehensive of greed and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisee! Initially cleanse the inside of the cup and dish, and then the exterior also will be clean…Woe to you, academics of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which glimpse beautiful on the outside the house but on the inside are full of the bones of the useless and every little thing unclean. In the similar way, on the outdoors you show up to people today as righteous but on the inside of you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness…You build tombs for the prophets and adorn the graves of the righteous…You snakes! You brood of vipers!”


Let us not fake this was just about anything other than totally damning, so why so harsh? Did Paul not exhort the Philippians to ‘let your [their] gentleness be obvious to all’? Did not Jesus himself communicate of the blessedness of the meek, the peacemakers and the merciful?


The answer, I feel, lies in one more of Jesus’ rebukes, also directed at the Pharisees, in Matthew 15, 3-6:


‘Jesus replied, ‘And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your custom? For God mentioned, “Honour your father and mother” and “Anyone who curses their father or mom is to be place to demise.” But you say that if anyone declares that what could possibly have been utilised to assist their father or mother is “devoted to God,” they are not to “honour their father or mother” with it. Therefore you nullify the word of God for the sake of your custom.’


The pharisees had been nullifying (cutting down to practically nothing) the term of God, replacing its lifetime-supplying truths with traditions of their own creation. There is a change in God’s eyes in between the trainer and the taught. The Bible is distinct that when we come to be instructors, we acquire on a new degree of spiritual accountability. When we come to be shepherds, we reply to the Wonderful Shepherd, who jealously guards his sheep. When we educate untruths from the pulpit, and exchange the word of God with powerless traditions, we hurt the youngsters of God, and God is protective of his kids. Luke 17, 1-2:


‘Jesus stated to his disciples: ‘Things that result in people today to stumble are sure to appear, but woe to any one via whom they occur. It would be greater for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied spherical their neck than to trigger a single of these tiny ones to stumble.’


Hebrews 13, 17:


‘Obey your leaders and post to them—for they continue to keep observe around your souls as these who will give an account.’


James 3, 1:


‘Do not grow to be teachers in substantial quantities, my brothers, considering that you know that we who are teachers will incur a stricter judgment.’


The cause for Jesus’ anger toward the Pharisees is that this influential team of spiritual leaders were being harmful these they ended up known as to direct. By preferring their traditions in excess of the word of God, they misled God’s decided on men and women, turning them from the liberating truths of the phrase of God and binding them in powerless tips and techniques as an alternative.


If Jesus so fiercely guarded the integrity of the term of God in opposition to restricting or misleading religious traditions, does he not also do so now? He is the exact same yesterday, currently and permanently, and I do not see him growing worn out of that which motivated him on Earth.


I’m likely to arrive clean. I feel that we in the Evangelical movement have turn into hopelessly compromised by insidious traditions which nullify the phrase of God – deceptive tips which have an appearance of humility, but confuse us about the quite mother nature of God. This is a topic I will return to on other situations, but I want to use a one, simple illustration today – a little something I hope most believers can get on board with. I’ll present the word of God 1st, and the custom 2nd. John 14, 12-13:


‘Very definitely I inform you, whoever believes in me will do the is effective I have been accomplishing, and they will do even greater items than these, due to the fact I am heading to the Father. And I will do whichever you talk to in my name, so that the Father might be glorified in the Son.’


Jesus was speaking to his disciples from the heart, in the understanding that the cross awaited. Contextually, he is talking about his miracles, urging his disciples to imagine in him as the Son of God simply because of the performs he has performed in their sight. Caught up in the Spirit, he prophesies that those people who believe in him, like believers down as a result of the ages, will perform the exact same, and even larger miracles. In the electric power and success of his little ones, Father God will be glorified. What a wonderful guarantee!


Now, the tradition: In the church of my upbringing, this passage was interpreted by many teachers in an unnervingly singular way.


(NB: identikit interpretations, specially when they lessen superb and powerful passages of scripture, are a single of the indicators of a custom which nullifies the term of God.)


As a young male, my ears pricked up at ‘greater factors than these will you do’. How exciting, to think Jesus desired me to execute miracles! But the fireplace of the Spirit was quenched by identikit sermons, which taught (without having deviation) that when Jesus spoke of bigger items, he was referring to leading a person by a system of conversion. The argument was that salvation is a greater miracle than any other, and Jesus in no way bought to guide any one in that.


I’ll try to take that critically for a instant. Initially of all, Jesus’ preliminary assertion is that we would do the miracles he had performed. The further clause of ‘even greater things will you do’ builds on that, rather than diminishes it. But even then, if I screw my eyes up genuine restricted and overlook the very first assertion, what of the concept that Jesus by no means received to guide anyone to salvation? What of Thomas, frequently termed Doubting Thomas, who responded in disbelief when his close friends explained they’d observed the risen Lord? John 20, 25-28:


‘Unless I see the nail marks in his arms and put my finger in which the nails were, and put my hand into his aspect, I will not imagine.’


A 7 days later his disciples have been in the house again, and Thomas was with them. While the doorways ended up locked, Jesus came and stood between them and claimed, ‘Peace be with you!’ Then he said to Thomas, ‘Put your finger below see my arms. Arrive at out your hand and set it into my aspect. Halt doubting and consider.’


Thomas claimed to him, ‘My Lord and my God!’


Thomas refused to feel that Jesus experienced risen from the useless, denying the testimonies of the other disciples. His coronary heart was really hard to the real truth, preferring the evidence of his own eyes, but when Jesus appeared between them his coronary heart was modified in a minute. Jesus even available him the proof he experienced demanded, but Thomas refused it, responding in faith as a substitute – ‘My Lord and my God’. Is that not a great example of what conversion seems like? Was Thomas not saved by grace, by faith, at that actual minute?


When dying on the cross, Jesus spoke with a person of the criminals hanging subsequent to him. Luke 23, 39-43:


‘One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: ‘Aren’t you the Messiah? Save your self and us!’


But the other prison rebuked him. ‘Don’t you anxiety God,’ he explained, ‘since you are below the very same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are acquiring what our deeds are worthy of. But this male has done practically nothing completely wrong.’


Then he mentioned, ‘Jesus, keep in mind me when you appear into your kingdom.’


Jesus answered him, ‘Truly I notify you, right now you will be with me in paradise.’


The existence of Jesus ministered to the head of the dying prison, who recognised that the man beside him was God – ‘Really do not you anxiety God, seeing as you are underneath the very same sentence?’ He also comprehended Jesus was perfect – ‘this man has finished practically nothing’ – and he responded from the coronary heart, being aware of Jesus was Lord, and that the cross was not the close for him – ‘recall me when you come into your kingdom’. In some way, this condemned man, though agonised and dying, observed previous the blood, the darkness, the chaos, the frothing group, and the fury of the other legal, and obtained divine revelation that Jesus was Lord. He confessed with his mouth and thought with his coronary heart that Jesus was Lord, and Jesus responded to his faith – ‘today you will be with me in paradise.’


If that is not a tale of salvation, I really do not know what it is.


Also, the New testomony is distinct that these who came ahead of these types of as Abraham, who thought God when he revealed himself to them, obtained salvation as a result of the cross. As a nod of the head to brevity, I will not demonstrate that now.


On listening to this lifeless tradition in position of the term of God, I had to make a selection. On the 1 hand, Jesus promised we would perform the miracles he had executed – divine healings, deliverances, even elevating the dead – and went on to say we’d do even increased things. On the other hand, I read particular person after particular person saying that Jesus didn’t suggest what he said, and that major somebody to the Lord was the wonder to aim on. As a young person I did not have the resources or expertise to override what I was getting explained to, but suffice it to say that in excess of the many years, I have acquired to choose Jesus, and to get him at his phrase.


(NB: I really don’t lay the blame for this instructing at the toes of any individual. Not like the pharisees, these propagating it meant effectively and have been caught up in the exact same deceptive lies they then passed on, but I need to be obvious on what was taught, and the impact of what was taught, for the sake of clarity. There is additional at stake here than damage emotions, nevertheless I hope even they can be averted.)


The penalties of believing the untrue custom in excess of the word of God are significant. We lower our anticipations of God, lessening his amazing guarantees to match our practical experience. By undertaking so, we get rid of our hold on faith, since we are no extended clinging to his word – our grip has been transferred rather to the tradition, and we are perfectly adrift of the reality. After we drift from the truth of God’s lively, compassionate, interventionist adore, and the claims of his miraculous provision, deliverance and therapeutic, we drop sight of who God is completely. We paint a lesser image and worship it rather.


Who could benefit from insinuating reductive lies into popular doctrine? What forces oppose the Gospel and could possibly obtain from this? Who may well want us to assume less from the Lord?


It is so effortless to lean into these seductive lies, for the reason that they inform us not to battle for breakthroughs in the Church. They convey to us to get relaxed. If we talk to for the guarantees of God and they do not come, they convey to us the end result should be his will, alternatively of exhorting us to maintain to his promises, due to the fact breakthrough is coming. These lies in themselves make God a liar – unreliable, inconsistent, unfaithful. Revivals really do not come about more than cups of tea in a living place, where compromised strategies are exchanged devoid of obstacle. They never transpire after identikit sermons, telling us to release our maintain on the claims of God. No excellent revival has come following several years of accepting a position quo. Revivals burst into our fact simply because of non secular dissatisfaction and a Church established to seek out the Lord. They materialize when we feel, and maintain to the truth of the matter, and proceed to imagine, until finally we’re in a put to acquire from God and the breakthrough comes.


Lord forgive us our complacency and compromise. Deliver us back again to your phrase, and to perception in your claims. Carry us back to religion, hope and like. Bring us back again to you, that your kingdom could appear, and you may well be glorified. In Jesus Identify!


(NB: I’ll be writing on this in other posts, going into other traditions I believe that nullify the phrase of God, but if everyone who needs to get forward, I sent this speak all through lockdown, which goes into those other examples in depth.)