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Generally times, a photo is well worth much more than a thousand terms. It is lucky for us that God so generally gives us pictures throughout the Bible to support give a picture of the spiritual life and journey. Jesus made use of photographs such as missing coin, a shed son, concealed treasure in a area, and far more. I want to share a single of my most loved pics from the Previous Testament that serves as a strong illustration of our salvation and conversion experience by means of Jesus Christ.

The ebook of Exodus consists of the story of God environment the Israelites no cost from their slavery in Egypt. This total tale is historical and actually transpired, but it also serves as a foreshadowing of how Jesus releases us from the bondage of sin to set us free of charge as the young children of God. Just as Israel place Egypt powering them, God is contacting us to set our self-damaging styles of sin driving us as we walk with Him.

In the OT story in Exodus, Israel came to the Red Sea and experienced their backs from the wall. There only hope was to appear up to God. God parted the seas that day for Israel and they crossed as a result of on dry land. This definitely is an exciting photograph of God’s get the job done that I want to share with you. The apostle Paul wrote several several years immediately after Moses and he in contrast the Crimson Sea Crossing to baptism: “For I do not want you to be ignorant of the point brothers that our forefathers were being all underneath the cloud and that they all passed by means of the sea. They were being all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.” (I Corinthians 10:1-2)

Did you read through that? Paul explained the Israelites were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea. The cloud referred to the cloud of God’s presence that led Israel out of Egypt. The Purple Sea Crossing represented their salvation. Israel had to enter the Pink Sea in purchase to be saved. They experienced to go by the waters. They had to cross more than from a person side and arrive out on the other facet.

On a single facet of the Red Sea, the Israelites were being slaves. They had been in bondage being pursued by their captors. But through the miracle of God’s salvation, they came out as absolutely free men and women on the other aspect. They were being no for a longer period the exact same. Their baptism in the Pink Sea represented a new existence for them as the men and women of God. It represented independence and the conclude of their bondage. For Israel to move through the Purple Sea intended they ended up leaving driving their old way of existence and coming into a new existence with God.

Can you see how this is a picture of baptism? When we come to Christ, there is a crossing more than that requires put in our life. Before Christ, we were slaves to sin, but when we enter into a partnership with Jesus Christ, we appear out on the other facet as totally free folks. Our baptism as believer in Jesus Christ signifies that we have passed over into a new point out of existence. Jesus explained it like this: “I convey to you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who despatched me has eternal everyday living and will not be condemned he has crossed around from loss of life to daily life.” (John 5:24) Jesus said there is a new state of existence for individuals who imagine in him — they have crossed in excess of from dying to life.

When Israel crossed in excess of to the other aspect of the Red Sea, they ended up leaving powering their aged way of life. They experienced a new and free of charge existence. If we are believers in Christ, we are intended to depart guiding our previous ways. We are no more time supposed to dwell like slaves. There is a separation that is intended to have taken area in our life through Christ. We leave our “Egypts” at the rear of us.

Do you see now how Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt and their passing through the Red Sea is a parallel for our salvation working experience? Does this give you a visible of what transpires in our hearts and life when we come to Christ? Have you crossed above from demise into lifestyle? When I achieved Jesus, there was a real crossing more than into a new state of existence and religious everyday living with God. There was a transform in me. And when I got to the other aspect, I was forgiven and free. Christ invites you to cross over with Him, and into the lifetime He has called you to are living as a kid of God. And that’s the Word.