June 28, 2022

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Tears are born of really like and battle, and they aid us on our journey

Bane or blessing? Agony or elation? Drained or replenished? Why do we cry? Do tears serve a objective? Yes!

Life is a journey. Existence experiences deliver reactions, and reactions crank out emotions. Solid psychological reactions usually elicit salty tears and stained cheeks.

Some authors identify a handful of thoughts, other people, hundreds. I will use an abbreviated listing —one that matches inside this column.

Almost all, if not all, of us have cried tears of grief when somebody we enjoy dies … we cry for ourselves and for the some others remaining at the rear of. We know that even Christ wept (John 11:35) when he was explained to of the loss of life of his friend Lazarus. Christ was true God and, also, accurate gentleman loaded with human thoughts.

Without doubt, Jesus felt private loss and understood the heartache of Mary and Martha. Christ, as true God, also knew the ravages of evil in the planet and its soreness. As the son of God, he realized that he would die a human death in sacrificial like to conserve the environment. Only in a heavenly eternal lifetime will we know no discomfort, sorrow or grief.